Granite Surface Plate

We are a small family company preoccupied with calibration and resurfacing of granite surface plates. As far as we know, in Poland we are the only manufacturers of surface plates in grade 00 according to DIN and grades 0, 1, 2 and 3 according to PN, sized from 250x400 to 2000x1000 mm and certified by the Polish Central Office of Measures.

Being a manufacturer, we offer our products at very attractive prices since we do not include any costs of broking, customs, freight and insurance. Alongside the plates we can also offer special stands enabling easy levelling of plates and ensuring that their potential deflection is minimised. Stands we also offer at very good net prices ranging from 250 to 600 E , depending on the plate size.

Please check the enclosed price list for the standard-sized plates. Prices of non-standard plates shall be set individually for each order, depending on the plate size or order volume.

Another line of our activity is resurfacing of used plates at prices dependant on the degree of wear but not exceeding 60% of prices of same sized new plates. Once the plate is delivered to our plant at Urzędowska 104 20-727 LUBLIN mob +48 605 043 778, we assess the degree of its wear and propose the resurfacing price.

Offering best quality services, we remain

Yours sincerely,
Tomasz Sawalski